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Pace Sticks & Stands

Pace ' Sticking ' to the civilian seems an odd past time. It is thought to have originated from the days of the Crimean War back in 1854 when Royal Artillery Senior Non-Commissioned Officers ( nco's ) would use them to correctly mark out the distance between the gun batteries. Over the years it was hi-jacked by the Infantry and in particular the ' Guards Regiments ' to aid drill. In 1952 ' Pace Sticking ' was taken to new heights. The Academy Sergeant Major ( RMA Sandhurst ) John Lord M.V.O, M.B.E, the heighest ranking Non-Commissioned Officer in the British Army, instigated the world ' Pace Sticking ' championships which were held at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The competition was held annually between the RMAS and the Guards Depot with teams from around the world taking part in various stages of the competition. The competition still takes place to this day. The Pace Sticks which are now used by the teams have been refined from the old Ministry of Defence issue ' Tree Trunks ' that were first used. Modern Pace Sticks are now a lot thinner and lighter and are referred to as ' Racers '. These are the type of stick supplied by ourselves at ' Guards Gear '.

Purchase any Pace Stick and receive a Free Swagger Stick worth £32.75

Simple crop (small A)
pace stick screw lock

Solid Brass Fittings

pace stick open

30 Inch Extension

Pace Stick Saddle

Brass Name Plate

pace stick pine 3 (2)
Pace Stick Black 003
pace stick tip

Tempered Tip

A Variety of Colours

Made from Solid Hardwood

Prices: Racing Sticks 37 inches - 42 inches....£120

Sticks over 42 inches can be produced at an additional cost
Name Plaques can be engraved for an additional cost of £8.00

Pace Stick Stands

These hardwood stands are a beautiful addition to any NCOs desk. They also save your pacestick from getting damaged. Available in the same colours as the pacesticks and fitted with either maroon or green felt.

Stand Pine Green

Stand Price: £40.00

Name Plaque Engraving: £8.00 (Per Plate)

Racer Pace Stick:

Desk Stand: